Smoked Fish Recipe

Posted: February 7, 2021

Smoked Fish Recipe

Fish is great for your health, we have a recipe that will make it appeal to your taste-buds, too.


  1. Swordfish, or any kind of fish preferably with a good amount of fat.
  2. ½ gallon of water
  3. ½ cup of kosher salt
  4. ½ cup of brown sugar
  5. 2 Tbsp. of seasoning

Seasoning ingredients – onion, paprika, garlic, and salt. You can either buy the seasoning or make your own.

Total time: Preparation: 5 minutes + Smoking: 1.5 hours = 1 hour and 35 minutes (approximately).


  • Mix the ingredients and soak the fish in it overnight in the refrigerator to make it soft.
  • Remove the well-soaked fish from the refrigerator and rinse the fish to remove excess salt.
  • Pat-dry the fish and brush olive oil lightly on both sides of it.
  • Add a little more seasoning.


  • Set the temperature of the electric smoker at 225°
  • Put the fish on the rack and cook for 1.25-1.5 hours until the internal temperature is 145°. Use Cherry wood for the best flavor.
  • Remove the fish from the smoker and enjoy the hot smoked fish.

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3 responses to “Smoked Fish Recipe”

  1. Bolat Shervashidze says:

    Can I use any other woodchips instead of cherry?

  2. Alambek Gairbekov says:

    Sounds pretty appetizing. But can I use salmon instead of swordfish?

  3. Sirazhdi Bisliev says:

    Do I need to use an instant thermometer in the smoker?

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