Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Posted: January 18, 2021

Old Smoky Electric Smoker

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The Old Smoky Electric Smoker is designed barrel-shaped and stands vertically. It has a metal tray, heating element, and several racks that you can use to load different types of food. 

The best aspect of this smoker is its versatility, which makes it perfect to use and even newbies can use this smoker with ease.

When smoking meat, the smoke that is generated at the bottom slowly tends to drift up to the surface. The heating element present at the bottom, which allows grilling at high temperatures, will produce enough heat for you to have the best-smoked food. There are many varieties in electric smokers in regards to slow-smoking, and fast-smoking. However, it is designed for slow smoking in a low-heat environment.

The old smoky electric smoker has a diameter of 15″ and has two grills. The upper grill has a diameter of about 14.4 “and the lower is about 12.5”. To allow easy insertion and removal, each grill has handles for ease.

At 120VAC, the heating element is rated 1250W, which can generate up to 250F, but as the smoker fills with wood chips, this temperature will decrease.

Besides, the top is a flat lid, unlike any other model of electric smokers, and has adjustable vents on the top, and provides a fully sealed cooking environment. This includes all the moisture which, without drying out, keeps the meat juicy. The Old Smokey is a great budget-friendly choice for beginners if one is on a budget and wants to test how smokers work, where they do not spend a lot but get great value for money.


1. A very easy-to-handle smoker; from cooking to washing, almost everything is a piece of cake with it. It’s extremely easy to operate.

2. Like most of the electric smokers, it requires very less monitoring throughout the smoking process, and after plugging it in, you can stop thinking about it until the food is done.

3. Its sealed flat top system makes even heating delivery and no smoke loss, also ensures that the food stays juicy and delicious.

4. As it is small in size, it is lightweight and easily portable as well.

5. Well decorated with two cooking racks on the inside of the 280 sq. Inches of space for cooking.

6. Quite affordable and performs amazingly comparing the price.
1. The food is put over the wood chips, if arrives any need of adding more woodchips, the whole cooking rack needs to be removed.

2. It’s only great for small families or tiny parties, but if you want to cook for a huge party or something, then you might look for some other electric smokers.

If you are looking for an easy smoker, then it might be one of the best electric smokers in terms of affordability and tension-free cooking.

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