Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker Oven Model

Posted: January 18, 2021

Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker Oven Model

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Cookshack is famous for its commercial-friendly electric smokers.  But Smokette is great for personal usage likewise. This smoker of Cookshack is easy to handle, produces great food, and leaves you with an urge to smoke again in it.  The oven style electric smoker is good at pretty much everything it should do.

It generates lots of smoke which is what we would exactly want from a smoker. The heating element of the smoker is remarkable, and so is the capability of retaining heat. The tightly sealed case allows the food to be properly smoked and moisturized. So, if you want the perfect juicy flavored smoky food, then you know which one to purchase.

All you need to do to get your food ready is to put the food, set the temperature, and leave the rest to the smoker. The time control system will help you know when the food is ready and only then do you have to get the food out from the smoker.

Electric smokers are rather easy to clean than charcoal and propane smokers. You will have a hassle-free cleaning experience with this smoker as well.


1. Made with reliable metals.

2. Affordable as a standalone.

3. Retains heat and smoke, and moisture perfectly.

4. Cleaning is very easy.
1. While it holds a fair amount of food, it’s still not great for huge parties and such.

2. If you buy the additional parts, you will have to pay extra costs separately for them.

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