Best 10 Electric Smokers 2021: Review and features

We have inspected the performances of the electric smokers from the best brands and short-listed the best 10 electric smokers for you. We have put out these smokers’ pros and cons so you can decide which one is the best smoker for you. The reviews are based on the users’ experience with the smokers; so, make sure you read them before purchasing a smoker.

Bradley BTDS108P 990223 Digital 6 Rack Electric Smoker

One of the finest electric smokers Bradley manufactured is the latest Digital 6 Rack electric smoker. The vertical smoker looks shiny and compact on the outside, and inside it looks charming enough to get you to want to start cooking as soon as you can.

The tall figure is made with powder epoxy steel, and its simple design is a plus side for the newbies because of the ease of assembling. In addition, the versatile racks are built to accommodate meat, fish, and vegetables, so there is no need to buy extra racks for vegetables. 

The smoker comes with a sidepiece where you have the digital display. You can control the smoker from this panel easily. 

The BTDS108P Bradley smoker comes with the following features:

  • 6 versatile removable racks
  • Auto bisquette feeder
  • Digital controller
  • Water pan
  • Drip tray
  • Smoke chamber
  • Owner’s manual

A No-Hassle Electric Smoker

If you are annoyed with the idea of sitting in front of the smoker while your food gets smoked, the BTDS108P model might be the best solution for you. You have to prepare the food for the smoker, place it on the tray, adjust cooking time, temperature, etc. and close the door. It’s one of the reasons why novice users will love it immensely. You don’t have to sit around the smoker, or check the vent regularly, either. 

This smoker comes with an internal thermostat and separate burners – when you feel like smoking, use the smoke burner, and when you feel like using the oven, you can use the other.

The Bradley smoker a well-built, sturdy electric smoker that gives you complete control with adjusting the temperature. 

Bisquette tower

The bisquette tower is a nice touch to the smoke – it auto feeds the smoker with wood chips. And what’s better, you can cook for up to 8 hours in the smoker without refilling with the wood chips. Just place the chips in stacks, and the feeder will automatically feed the wood chips to the smoker as necessary—no hassle of cutting the wood.

A Simple Cleaning System

The Bradley digital smoker comes with a drip tray that catches whatever fat and oil drips from your food. The result? No messy surface and easy cleaning. There is also a water pan that you can use to moisture your food; the water pan will also keep the surface moist, so you won’t have to rub the walls of the smoker too harshly when you do the cleaning part.

A Few Drawbacks

Every product has its cons – the Bradley 6-rack Digital electric smoker has a few of them, as well.

  • There is no alarm to let you know when the food is cooked.
  • The use of the bisquette feeder is compulsory.
  • You need to use the smoker in a covered space, but don’t forget to keep the door open.


If you are looking for a mess-free, easy-to-use electric smoker with a large food capacity, only a few can compete with this Bradley smoker. Although there are a few drawbacks, such as the lack of warning when your food is cooked, or the compulsory use of the bisquette feeder, we can suffice that this smoker is a treat for all types of BBQ enthusiasts.

Masterbuilt MB20071117

This is the best smoker to have around when you want to have a BBQ party with your family and friends. The adjustable racks can hold a great amount of food, and the smoker is also very easy to use. The system always shows the accurate temperature and spreads proper heat to each layer.

The Masterbuilt MB20071117 model is excellent in insulating heat. If you want to add a smoky flavor to your food, then you can use the wood chip tray that comes with this smoker to add wood chips. You don’t even have to open the door to add them since the tray is on the side which you can pull out anytime and add the chips easily.

Masterbuilt is known for being a budget-friendly brand, and Masterbuilt MB20071117 is not an exception. It’s one of the best electric smokers with the best price.

This model is perfect for moderate usage with little care.


1. Holds a huge amount of food.

2. Four chrome-coated adjustable racks.

3. Excellent insulating system.

4. Always shows the correct temperature.

5. Easy to handle and requires simple cleaning.

6. Available at an affordable price.
1. Using without a cover may lead to a lapse of performance.

2. Needs a certain level of temperature to produce smoke.


If there were a race for best electric smokers then you shouldn’t be surprised if Masterbuilt 20075315 won the competition. This smoker has it all; it’s easy-to-use, simple to clean, and has many features that will tempt you to purchase one right away. Not to mention, the price is rather affordable. In fact, if you are specifically looking for a budget-friendly electric smoker, then Masterbuilt’s electric smokers, especially this particular model is perfect for you.

Masterbuilt 20075315 is the best smoker for beginners as well; its easy-to-understand system is perfect for those who don’t like to keep a constant watch over the whole cooking process. You just need to switch the smoker on, set the temperature, and rest while your food is cooking. You can check the cooking process through the transparent door of the smoker. Although, after a while, your door will be clogged from the smoke, so you won’t be able to see much then.

The electric smoker comes with little wheels at the bottom. So, you will be able to move it around a bit on smooth ground, although, the wheels are not strong enough to hold its own when on rough ground. Therefore, it’s better if you use them on only plain ground.

One of the challenging things about digitally equipped smokers and generally, all smokers is the cleaning part. After you have done cooking your food, it’s time to clean the grease, oil, and stubborn food remnants. Fortunately, Masterbuilt 20075315 is one of the best electric smokers that is very easy to clean. It has a drip pan under the food racks that hold the majority of the oil and food drippings. And even after that, you can use water and detergent to clean the racks and the surfaces of the smoker.


1.The insulation system is top-notch, which is vital for perfectly smoked food.

2. Bluetooth added with remote control helps you control the temperature from afar.

3. It has adjustable racks.

4. The wheels make moving the smoker easy, you can also carry it with ease as it is quite a lightweight.
1. Assembling the smoker can be a little confusing for beginners.

2. The wood chips will run out rather soon if you add them dry. Although, you can make them last longer if you soak them in the water at least 30 minutes before cooking.

3.The wheels are not strong enough to move the smoker roughly.

Tip: You can only clean the food and grease but leave the seasoning i.e. the coating of smoke and oil on the surface of the smoker. This will add more flavor to your food in the long run.

Masterbuilt 20075315 is one of the best electric smokers for regular usage in almost all aspects. If you can overlook the shortcomings that come with every typical electric smoker, then this is the best way to smoked goodness.

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Do you want the classic smoky flavor and tension-free cooking? Well, Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is perfect for you if you want to enjoy both. Char Broil’s deluxe model is one of the best electric smokers if you are looking for value. You can carry this smoker from one place to another quite easily as it’s lightweight and portable. It has a maximum temperature of 275 degrees, so you can pick this one if you like your food cooked in moderate heat. You just have to set the smoker and sit back as it does the magic. The viewing glass door of the smoker allows you to watch the food cooking. So, if you are a perfectionist who likes to get everything done in a certain way, then this is the perfect item for you.

Although Deluxe Digital Smoker consumes more wood chips than its contemporary electric smokers, it is installed with a relatively large wood chip loader.


1. Classic smoky flavor.

2. Easily portable.

3. Glass-door for watching the inside of the smoker.

4.Good for lightly smoked food.
1. Consumes more fuel than other electric smokers.

2. The temperature can’t reach more than 275 degrees.

3. Needs a little time before starting the heating process.

4. Less cost-effective compared to other digital smokers.

Tip: This smoker works best after a good seasoning. So, if you want to taste the best-smoked food, then expect it after a first few cooking; letting the metallic flavor wear off will lead you to the authentic smoky taste.

Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker

Now, this is a tough guy of Bradley Digital 6 Rack electric smokers. If you love throwing BBQ parties for your friends and neighbors, and often, then this is the smoker that can take the pressure. As the name suggests, it comes with six huge racks that can hold a huge amount of food. So, you don’t have to cook food in turn when you are hosting a big party. And the cooking is so simple that you just need to put the food inside, set the smoker. While you will be welcoming and chatting with your guests, your food will be getting ready for the party as well.

One thing that you should keep in mind that this monster is not easily portable. So, you need to put it in a certain place.

The digitally controlled smoker is all set to give you a hassle-free cooking experience if you have space for it. As it is one of the big-sized electric smokers, you can put a generous amount of food within one procedure.


1. Perfect choice for huge parties, feasts, etc.

2. Fully digitally controlled panel.

3. Easy to assemble and easy to clean.

4. Consistent heating element.
1. Not easily portable.

2. Requires a large space.
No viewing panel.

Tip: The thermostat of this smoker is placed on top of the heating element. Hence, it shows a higher temperature than the one the food is being smoked in. So, if you adjust the temperature to your liking, you will get the best-smoked food you wished for.

Masterbuilt 20078616 Bullet Smoker

Masterbuilt’s electric smokers come in various designs and features. Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker is a great smoker for tiny gatherings since this vertical electric smoker holds a small amount of food. Although this small smoker doesn’t have any wheels for moving around, it has handles that you can use to move the smoker from one place to another if you have good grips.

The Bullet smoker is quite affordable, so if you have a knack for smoking, but don’t want to invest money on any of the expensive electric smokers, then this is the best budget-friendly smoker for you.

With its high-temperature retainer, you can cook anything in it efficiently. It’s easily portable, so you take it anywhere to enjoy good smoked food.


1. Easily portable being a small smoker.

2. The lid is insulated from heat, so you can touch it without a mitten or gloves.

3. Best budget-friendly product.

4. Great heating element system.
1. Not conventional for huge gatherings.

2. Lacks in features.

Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker Oven Model

Cookshack is famous for its commercial-friendly electric smokers.  But Smokette is great for personal usage likewise. This smoker of Cookshack is easy to handle, produces great food, and leaves you with an urge to smoke again in it.  The oven style electric smoker is good at pretty much everything it should do.

It generates lots of smoke which is what we would exactly want from a smoker. The heating element of the smoker is remarkable, and so is the capability of retaining heat. The tightly sealed case allows the food to be properly smoked and moisturized. So, if you want the perfect juicy flavored smoky food, then you know which one to purchase.

All you need to do to get your food ready is to put the food, set the temperature, and leave the rest to the smoker. The time control system will help you know when the food is ready and only then do you have to get the food out from the smoker.

Electric smokers are rather easy to clean than charcoal and propane smokers. You will have a hassle-free cleaning experience with this smoker as well.


1. Made with reliable metals.

2. Affordable as a standalone.

3. Retains heat and smoke, and moisture perfectly.

4. Cleaning is very easy.
1. While it holds a fair amount of food, it’s still not great for huge parties and such.

2. If you buy the additional parts, you will have to pay extra costs separately for them.

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

Char-broil’s electric smokers are known for their well-built body and budget-friendliness.

This electric smoker is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable smoker. It has a vertical design and has a good reputation for holding a decent amount of food. The body is double-walled which allows full-insulation, keeping food consistently heated and smoke.

Just like any good electric smoker, this vertical electric smoker lets you digitally control the temperature dial. As long as you get the correct temperature, you are good to go.

If you are cooking multiple types of food at the same time, then this effective smoker will come in handy because it has three chrome-plated cooking grates. These grates are adjustable so if you are piling one type of meat in the smoker then you just need to remove and adjust the grates to your liking.

There is no viewing pan, nor is there any easy way to load chips once you’ve started cooking unless you open the door. But this means you have to endure heat and smoke loss.

The drainage set at the bottom of Char-broil’s vertical electric smokers makes it easy to clean them and remove any residue after cooking.


1. Very much affordable.

2. A good choice for beginners.

3. Easy to use.

4. Double-coated metal makes the perfect insulated interior.
1. Putting wood-chips is quite tough if you don’t know how much you would need beforehand.

2. No transparent door to watch over the cooking process.

3. Cleaning must be done regularly since there are no air-vents

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

BBQ party lovers, where you’ll at? The Smokin-It Smoker is here!

When it comes to tension-free cooking at BBQ parties, electric smokers, specifically, Smokin-It smoker is a winner.

Professionally or just for fun, if you are going big, then this is the right model for you. It has a capacity of holding up to 22lbs of meat. So, you can easily cook a huge amount of food for your big servings. Perfectly featured, and cool design makes this smoker a dream for any passionate cook – from amateurs to master chefs.

It has a replaceable thermostat, control knob, heating element, etc. making it easy to mend should any problem arise. You need not worry about the cooking process either, since the amazing Smokin-It electric smokers take care of it magnificently.

The built of the smoker is another plus side of this smoker; it has double-walls to provide a strong insulated environment. The heating element works brilliantly. It is evident that the company invested their time in great craftsmanship for this particular smoker.

If you want to only smoke and not heat certain food, then you can use this smoker as it comes with a cold smoke plate that only allows smoking and not heating.


1. Very well-made.

2. A huge holding capacity for meat.

3. Top-gear insulation system.

4. Set and forget, easy to use, and easy to clean.

5. Racks can be easily adjusted.
1. Not suitable for small families.

2. No remote sensor.

Tip: Seasoning is an important part of smoking with electric smokers. Perform a good seasoning process as the manufacturer instructs, this will make the food much more delicious and smoky.

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-inch Electric Smoker

If you don’t like the digital procedure much, then this old school smoker might be a good match for your liking. Unlike other electric smokers, it only has a little to do with anything digital. It has a cord for plugging, but that’s about all as far as digitalization goes. It doesn’t have any Bluetooth temperature controller or any kind of remote system. But you will have plenty of ways for conventional temperature controlling.

This smoker is made for outdoor cooking, so you can place it in your backyard or any place that you deem fit.

Hands down, this is the best for beginners as far as electric smokers go. With this one, you won’t have to worry about breaking anything because everything can be assembled easily and at home. The smoker comes with replaceable parts, so you can change any parts any time you would like. You can play with this traditional smoker as much as you like. And there are many options for cooking food as well.

This model doesn’t have any wheels to move it around. Fortunately, two side handles make it quite easy to carry the electric smoker around. It also comes in different sizes, so there shouldn’t be much worried about the moving bit.

This smoker might not be convenient for you if you want to keep an eye on the food all the time. Because there is no transparent door to see the inside of it. The wood chip box and the water pan both are inside the main compartment so whenever you need to add wood chips or water, you have to open the door. That means the smoke will escape whenever you open the door.

Insulation is a big deal when you are dealing with electric smokers. Good thing is, the insulating system is wonderful in this smoker, allowing the cooking perfect and consistent with lots of smoke.


1. Fully insulated system.

2. Two adjustable grids.

3. Independent parts make the cleaning very easy.

4. Allows parts replacement anytime.

5. Easy to control the temperature.

6. Comes in various sizes and easy to carry.
1. No wheels at the bottom.

2. No digital temperature controller.

3. Inconveniently placed wood chips box and water pan.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money on one of the fancy electric smokers, then this is the best one to purchase. It lets you do things on your terms and is very reliable.

Best Electric Smokers Brand 2021

Who doesn’t want a little bit of seasoning to feel the taste of life in their everyday hectic schedule? To bring the taste, which idea could be greater than adding on some smoky flavor. Well, it’s not that easy to just decide, arrange, and cook something your favorite, is it? If you were to ask me, I’d certainly say “YES! Surely it is”. Smoking has been made a lot simpler by the best electric smokers than before.

An electric smoker is a machine that is used for cooking, flavoring, coloring, and for preserving food. It smokes food by using its hot electric rods as a source of heating.

To accomplish what you want in terms of flavor, and also with ease, you just need an electric smoker with the finest configuration. Let’s have a look straight at what we have in our hit list in electric smokers for you till this year!!

1. Masterbuilt:

The company is located in Columbus city in the US. It’s also known for cookers at a low cost that is made in china. The best electric smokers are manufactured by Masterbuilt in comparison to various smokers’ brands.

While many other open-air cookers are manufactured by Masterbuilt, they’re mainly popular for their smokers. For 40 years, Masterbuilt has been producing smokers and other outdoor cooking devices.

Masterbuilt grabs the top position in the best smoker world for its verity of production qualities and prices. The brand provides a broad variety of smokers that can perform with a family or broader groups and parties.

All smokers from this brand are quite well-prepared and equipped with details that bring their simplicity and safety as much as possible to smoke. With Masterbuilt smokers, the only major issue is having to choose from all of the choices.

This brand makes almost all types of smokers. Still, till now, Masterbuilt 20078715 digital electrical smoker seems like a masterpiece among all the best electrical smokers of its zone.

Even if you don’t find it as your adequate unit, you receive what you bill for with this Masterbuilt model.

2. Char-Broil:

The company is well-known for its Tru-Infrared Technology, which can be seen through grill flame broils to smokers in all of the brand’s products.

Char-Broil is in the market since around 1885. It was a cotton manufacturer at the time the organization initially started. After that in a long, the Roast Cook focal grill entered the market in 1949, and the brand was entered from now on and into the near future.

3. Bradley

Within the top brand list of best outdoor smokers, Bradley is a must come company name in the business. In the world of the best electric smokers, the Bradley brand adds some great contributory products as well. Bradley has made multiple types of smokers that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Some are great to use professionally as well.

Bradley Smoker is an innovative manufacturer based solely on friendly electric smokers. Such devices use an actual plan that takes care of small wood plates in a smoke generator, making a stable sweet-smelling smoke naturally.

Among several products of Bradley, Digital-4 racks that is with four removable cooking grates, gives cooks a lot of room to cook.

Bradley is a bit more expensive but the framework of this brand is unique among all the best electric smokers.